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Foundation Repairs in Las Vegas, NV

Foundation Stabilization, Inc. is a geotechnical engineering and construction company serving Las Vegas, Paradise, Henderson, and Enterprise, NV, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in commercial/industrial construction design services, including shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, helical piers, underpinning buildings, shoring, slope stability, clay stabilization and geotechnical investigation reports. Give us a call today to speak with our geotechnical engineers about your project.

Creating Stability, From Conception to Construction

The longevity, safety and reliability of everything we build depends on the foundation. A strong foundation will last seemingly forever—just look at the Great Pyramids. On the other hand, a poor or unsecured foundation can erode away and crumble slowly, causing headache after headache as it deteriorates.

At Foundation Stabilization, Inc., our mission is to use our geotechnical engineering services to ensure Las Vegas, NV infrastructure is the best it can be. Our Geotechnical engineers have a wealth of experience that culminates in both design and construction services. Call on us for complete design construction, from shallow and deep foundation design to retaining walls construction. We put our expertise of Las Vegas, NV’s soil composition and geological characteristics to ensure every foundation has the support it needs to stand strong against the test of time.

From reporting and investigation, to expansive clay stabilization, our geotechnical capabilities know no bounds.

  • Clay stabilization (AGSS-ICS)
  • Design Construction Capabilities
  • Expansive polymers
  • Foundation repair
  • Helical piers and micro piles
  • Slab jacking
  • Soil nails and tie backs
  • Soil Stabilization

Our capabilities and longstanding tenure in this industry allows us to serve the needs of both simple and complex projects. Call on us for both residential and commercial infrastructure questions and let us introduce you to solutions that are geotechnically sound, with results that speak for themselves.

  • We’re available for both design and construction services for commercial projects.
  • We’re staffed by industry expert Will Sublette, PE.
  • We specialize in foundations, retaining walls, helical piers, clay stabilization and more.
  • Our clients value our tireless dedication, which translates into outstanding results
  • We’re affiliated with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Proudly offering geotechnical engineering services to the following areas:

  • Las Vegas NV
  • North Las Vegas NV
  • Spring Valley NV
  • Paradise, NV
  • Henderson NV
  • Boulder City NV
  • Bullhead City AZ
  • Lake Havasu AZ
  • Pahrump NV
  • St George UT

Need Foundation Repair Services?

The infrastructure of your development depends on sound geotechnical engineering. Choose the geotechnical engineers at Foundation Stabilization, Inc. to ensure stability, from conception to construction.

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